Safe on the internet - Browser Safety

How to unistall Browser Safety

Menu of Mozilla Firefox browser with the add-ons category highlighted

Uninstall of Browser Safety for Mozilla Firefox

Screenshot of the add-ons overview in the Mozilla Firefox browser showing Browser Safety with buttons to remove or disable

Select the “add-ons” category in the Mozilla Firefox menu. You will be redirected immediately to a dashboard where you have an overview of all installed add-ons. Optionally you can open the search bar of your browser and type in about:addons. Now you can search in the overview for the Browser Safety add-on. On the right hand site two buttons are displayed where you can either delete the Browser Safety add-on or just deactivate it. Click the corresponding button and your browser will notify you about the successful deletion of the add-on.

Notification with text “Browser Safety has been removed.” and the option to undo
If the Browser Safety icon is still visible, we recommend to restart your browser.