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Browser Safety is a free add-on and is available as an extension to Mozilla Firefox and Chrome.


No more insecurity while surfing the internet! With the help of innovative technology browser safety is able to recognize insecure websites.

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Within seconds Browser Safety is installed and warns you about dubious and potentially harmful websites instantly.

Browser Safety
No more phishing and malware!

Think about the right internet security as soon as possible. Reliable protection while your daily online activities is more important than you might think. Protect your personal data with the free add-on by Browser Safety:

Provides reliable e-mail protection and prevents dubious redirects.

Access to extensive databases with listed phishing domains.

Enables real-time protection through innovative algorithmic techniques

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What is Browser Safety?

Once you are online, you're leaving a trail of data. Although you and your personal information would rather remain anonymous, this is hardly possible without a protection such as Browser Safety. The fingerprint, which you leave unaware and unintentionally on the internet, allows cyber criminals to spy on very sensitive data.

Especially when it comes to online banking, shopping on the internet or on social networks, you should be concerned about the security of your personal data. The number of cyber-attacks and criminal activities on the web are increasing every year and online thieves are getting more and more shifty.

Browser Safety - finally safe!
Browser Safety protects you from these threats. The free add-on for Mozilla Firefox and Chrome acts as your personal bodyguard on the internet, shielding you from malware websites and phishing attacks. Browser Safety is based on complex algorithms and databases to detect potentially dangerous websites and cyber attacks at an early stage.